Military chopper crashes leaving 10 dead and 13 injured

A chopper operated by Kenya Defense forces crashed in the Ol Tepes area of Kajiado West sub-county with an unconfirmed number of passengers.

Kajiado County Police Commander Muthuri Mwongera said the accident happened about 0900hrs and details of the number of passengers remains unknown.

Such choppers can carry a maximum of 26 passengers.
Kajiado West OCPD Vincent Kitili said 13 passengers were rescued and have been flown to Forces Memorial Hospital in Nairobi.
“This a military operation and we are not supposed to share the information from the ground. The military has taken over. Our duty is to file a signal later,” he said.
The area DC Morekwa Morang’a reported that as the chopper prepared to land, a large whirlwind occurred causing the pilot not to see the ground.
“We are yet to count the bodies of the dead,” said the DC.
The DC said the chopper was on its regular and normal exercises when the accident happened after takeoff from the Eastleigh Airbase on Thursday morning.

More information will follow.

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Captain Kigen

The crisis we face in Kenya

One thing that our governments have failed the people is by not paying the pending bills..a lot of businesses are struggling due to huge amounts that our government (both national and counties) are yet to pay.

It’s the reason why we have less money in circulation, even our salaried fellows can’t explain how they get broke few days after pay day..

Now the Covid19 crisis is here ,people told to stay at home, businesses closed and yet the people can’t even survive the tough economic times. Even if they take pay cuts from the Presidency to the counties, it won’t be enough to solve the don’t even think about this.

The problem lies with our leaders who are the policy makers. If you let a few cartels drive the economy, when crisis surge, everything is in turmoil.

During these hard times is when Kenyans reconcile with their minds ,they understand the choices they made in the ballot could be the root course of their problems. But they also say Kenyans forget so fast…so it could be over once this pandemic is controlled.

One thing though, we still have a chance to change our way of lives…during those decisive moments particularly ELECTIONS make sure YOU DO THE RIGHT THING.

Kibet Kigen

20 Most influential young Kalenjins

Following our media analytics and data the following forms the list of Most Influential Young Personalities in Kalenjin nation today.


Michael Aron known by his stage name Sweetstar has proved to be the most influential artist in Kalenjin region with his songs the best performing. He tops our list.

2. Sen Aaron Cheruiyot

Kericho senetor Aaron Cheruiyot comes second in our list. He’s among the most vibrant young leaders in kenya today and also most influential in terms of youth in leadership.

3. Propesa Comedians

The Propesa team led by one Kipchumba Ruto comes in as the third most popular and influential young Kalenjins. With their famous “sportpesa” tales , they’ve drawn alot of following on Facebook and YouTube.

4.Lord Abraham Mutai

One of the top bloggers and influencers we have in the country Abraham Mutai comes 4th in our list. He’s has matched limits of the likes of Robert Alai and Bonface Mwangi. Mutai is so influential and uses his media platforms to advice the young people.

5.Sen Samson Cherargei

Nandi Senetor Samson Cherargei comes 5th in our list. The decorated young lawmaker is the chair of Justice and Legal Affairs in the Senate. He is among the top performing Senetors in the country.

6. Chemutai Sage
Sage aka Barbara Chemutai Ng’eno is a Kenyan musician , songwriter and instrumentalist. Famous of top music hits including “So Alive ” which she featured Octopizzo, her music has continued hitting the airwaves in East and Central Africa.

Kamworor sets new Half Marathon World Record

Sunday September 15 2019

Kenya’s Geoffrey Kamworor crosses the finish line in Copenhagen Half Marathon in a new World Record time of 57 minutes and 59 seconds.
Kamworor,who is the 2015 and 2017 World Cross Country champion, won the Ras al-Khaimah Half Marathon in a personal best of 58:54 in 2013.Kamworor’s feat was good enough to erase the course record in Copenhagen, beating a time of 58:40 set by Kenyan-born Abraham Cheroben of Bahrain when winning in 2017.

World Half Marathon champion Geoffrey Kamworor is the new Half Marathon World Record holder.

Kamwowor set the new World Record time when he won the Copenhagen Half Marathon in 57 minutes and 59 seconds on Sunday, shattering the previous time of 58.18 set by fellow kenyan Abraham Kiptum when winning in Valencia last year.

“I have won three World Half Marathon titles and my fans kept on asking me when I would down the World Record. I told them that time will surely come, “said Kamwowor after his victory.

“This is the time and God’s time is always the best and this is really special for me even though the weather wasn’t conducive.”

Kamwowor now becomes the first man in history to run a sub-58 minutes, a victory that not only saw him shaving off the previous World Record by 21 seconds, but also improved on his personal best by 57 seconds.

Kamworor is closely following the footsteps of the legendary Eliud Kipchoge.

Congratulations to him.


Kigen Kibet

The Youth Today

Currently, there are more young people on the planet than at any time in human history. Half the world’s population is under 25 years old; 40 percent is under 19. In a nutshell, we are outnumbered, but this gives me hope, since young people are always at the center of social progress. Yes, the youth bubble is on our side.Young people are biologically wired for the three critical assets that lead to social improvement: novelty, risk, and pe

er authority. Many times they’re used as political tools only to be dumped after electing their leaders. It’s evident that our young leaders are the enemies of our growth as youth. So the change these youth bring in leadership only materialise for a few leaving the rest of them suffering.

It’s no coincidence that UPS, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Bristol-Myers, and Dell were all started by teenagers on bicycles and in garages and dormitories. Brain science confirms the unique power of young people to see new things and then take the

risks to bring them to the rest of us.

Because young people listen to each other more than they listen to adults, they also bring their entire generation along with them. Yes, biology is on our side.Every parent knows the intrinsic value of starting early, whether it’s reading, computation, music, sports, or the arts. What you learn and do in childhood will stay with you the rest of your life. In the same way, there is a deep connection between youth service and lifelong service and even philanthropy. Yes, childhood is on our side.The world’s problems today are extremely complex and interrelated, driven by competing political, social, and economic forces. Simply put, we cannot afford for young people to grow up before they learn about and help solve our biggest challenges. No, time is not on our side.

We should move with speed and fight for our space. Remember that you only have 17 years to live as a YOUTH. Let us utilise this period effectively.

All the youth can’t be employed but all of them can be empowered.


Kibet Kigen

Youth Champion

Ethiopian Airlines crash: What is the MCAS system on the Boeing 737 Max 8?

Similarities between the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes have focused attention on an anti-stalling system used in the new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) is an automated safety feature on the 737 Max 8 designed to prevent the plane from entering into a stall, or losing lift.

Both the Lion Air jet, which crashed in October, killing 189 people, and the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft, which went down on Sunday, leaving 157 people dead, were fitted with the system.

Both planes experienced similarly erratic steep climbs and descents and fluctuating airspeeds before crashing shortly after takeoff.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), while noting the similarities between the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines accidents, stressed that it was too early to draw any conclusions.

MCAS was introduced by Boeing on the 737 Max 8 because its heavier, more fuel-efficient engines changed the aerodynamic qualities of the workhorse aircraft and can cause the plane’s nose to pitch up in certain conditions during manual flight.

Angle of attack sensors on the aircraft tell the MCAS to automatically point the nose of the plane down if it is in danger of going into a stall.

This is done through horizontal stabilizers on the plane’s tail which are activated by the aircraft’s flight control computer.

According to Boeing, MCAS does not control the plane during normal flight but “improves the behavior of the airplane” during “non-normal” situations.

These could be steep turns or after takeoff when a plane is climbing with flaps up at speeds that are close to stall speed.

According to the flight data recorder, the pilots of Lion Air Flight 610 struggled to control the aircraft as the automated MCAS system repeatedly pushed the plane’s nose down following takeoff.

The pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines plane reported similar difficulty before the aircraft plunged into the ground shortly after takeoff.

Software updates

A preliminary report on the Lion Air Flight 610 accident blamed it in part on a faulty angle of attack sensor that triggered the MCAS system and automatically forced the plane’s nose down.

Pilots flying the same Lion Air plane the previous day had managed to override the automated flight control system.

Boeing came in for some criticism after the Lion Air crash for allegedly failing to adequately inform 737 pilots about the functioning of MCAS or provide training about the system.

Following the Lion Air crash, Boeing issued a bulletin to airlines operating the 737 Max 8 advising pilots how to override the MCAS system.

The US aircraft manufacturer issued a statement on Monday saying it was too early to understand the cause of the Ethiopian Airlines accident.

Boeing also said it was working on software updates to the MCAS system which would be deployed across the 737 Max fleet.

It said procedures already exist to “safely handle the unlikely event of erroneous data coming from an angle of attack (AOA) sensor,” the suspected cause of the Lion Air crash.

“The pilot will always be able to override the flight control law (MCAS) using electric trim or manual trim,” the aircraft manufacturer said.

A growing list of countries have grounded their 737 Max aircraft after the two deadly crashes in just five months.

Boeing has described the Max series as its fastest-selling family of planes, with more than 5,000 orders placed to date from about 100 customers.

But not since the 1970s—when the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 suffered successive fatal incidents—has a new model been involved in two deadly accidents in such a short period.


Kibet Kigen

Manchester City vs Leicester Preview

Manchester City host Leicester in the Premier League this weekend and the league leaders will be looking to get back to winning ways here.

They were held to a draw last weekend and Guardiola’s men will be fired up for this one.

Meanwhile, the Foxes are on the up and they will aim to finish seventh this season. If they can improve their away record, Leicester should be able to leapfrog Burnley with ease.

The Foxes have lost three of their last four away league matches. On the other hand, City have won 12 of 13 Premier League home matches this season and they are favourites to win here.


Mendy, Jesus, Delph and Sane are ruled out for the home side. David Silva and John Stones are doubts for this game.

As for Leicester, Wes Morgan and Robert Huth are not likely to feature.

Predicted Manchester City Starting Lineup (4-3-3): Ederson; Walker, Kompany, Otamendi, Laporte; Fernandinho, Gundogan, De Bruyne; Sterling, Aguero, Silva

Predicted Leicester Starting Lineup (4-4-1-1): Schmeichel; Simpson, Dragovic, Maguire, Fuchs; Diabate, Ndidi, Iborra, Albrighton; Mahrez; Vardy


Manchester City have won their last 12 home matches in the Premier League. Bet on the home side to win here.

There have been over 2.5 goals scored in Man City’s last 12 home games in the Premier League.


Manchester City are firm favourites to win here. They have the best team in the league despite all the injuries.

Leicester are simply out of their depth here. Also, their away form has been quite poor.

A comfortable home win is on the cards here.

Manchester City 3-2 Leicester


Oscar Flex


(The Writer is a Kenyan born football analyst. The content in this article represent his own opinion)

Arsenal Legend describes Chelsea FC winger Pedro Rodriguez as a “workaholic”.

Thiery Henry has hipped some praises to Chelsea star Pedro Rodriguez.

The 30-year-old has established himself as a key player under Antonio Conte despite being signed under the Italian’s predecessor Jose Mourinho.

Pedro teed up Eden Hazard to break the deadlock in Chelsea’s 2-1 loss to Arsenal in the second leg of their League Cup semi-final.

The Spain international has scored four goals and has made two assists in 18 games in all competitions so far this season.

Henry was team-mates with Pedro at Barcelona for three seasons before the retired France international moved to Major League Soccer.

Chelsea signed Pedro in a £21m deal from Barcelona in 2015 to strengthen their attacking options at the west London club.

Former Arsenal striker Henry explained why he is such a big fan of the Spanish winger.

“When you look at Pedro, I played with him and he actually put me on the bench at Barcelona, he’s a very good player,” Henry told Sky Sports.

“I always say that people don’t realise how good he is with his left foot and with his right foot. I actually don’t know which one he uses the best at times. He’s a great guy, a great professional and a workaholic.”

Pedro was part of the Chelsea side that won the Premier League title with two games to spare last season following 13 goals and 11 assists in 43 appearances in all competitions.

Chelsea are in third place in the Premier League table but 15 points adrift of runaway leaders Manchester City.

The defending champions will take on Spanish side Barcelona in the Champions League last 16 next month.

Pedro will have chance to face his former employer.


Oscar Flex


Should Chelsea stick with Morata?

Chelsea have met Arsenal thrice this January and have failed to win a single match.
Is this a sign of poor performance by their strikers?

Even after signing the Spanish star Alvaro Morata for a record fee 58 £m, the Londonders have failed to impress recently.

The 25-year-old has been under the spotlight in recent games following his failure to score in his last six appearances for the Blues.

However, Conte has now admitted that he is more about Morata’s injury setback than his form.

Speaking at a news conference at Cobham on Tuesday, Conte said: “If you remember in the past, Morata stopped because of a pain in his back and now it came back the day before Brighton.

“I hope it is nothing serious but this is the second time he stopped.

“Now with the medical department he is trying to solve this problem and to have a training session without this pain. This is the real problem now, not because he is not scoring or because his confidence is down, because for every striker you can pass this type of moment.

The question is, should Chelsea find another option for a striker?
Many Chelsea fans are waiting to see what plans the club has to solve this crisis with Edin Dzeko and Pierre Aubameyang on the list of possible recruits.


Oscar Flex


Best players who could be on move this January

5. Ryad Mahrez

The Algerian has been on a spectacular form recently having a 70% impact on goals scored by Leicester this season. He has been the Star man for Leicester. That however don’t mean he’ll remain at the King Power as many teams are chasing after his services. Chelsea, Arsenal and Real Madrid are believed to be closely monitoring him and could be available for more than 50£ million.

4. Pierre Emerik Aubamayang

The Dortmund’s talisman could be on the move finally after a near exit during the summer. Chelsea was believed in a sole position in the summer until they had Alvaro Morata. For now PSG, Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are believed to be closely monitoring him at Dortmund and a move could be imminent.

3. David Luiz

After appearing to have fallen out with Antonio Conte, David luiz could be another one on the list for departures. He has been on the bench and battling knee injury since the difference with Conte in a Champions league match against As Roma, which is hard for him as the World Cup approaches. He has also been overtaken by the improved Andreas Christinsen who has impressed most Chelsea fans. Luiz could soon find a new home, and Arsenal are believed to be ready to cash in for the defender.

2. Mesut Ozil

Since a record transfer move to Arsenal, Ozil has been the best midfielder to the West Londoners but his stay could come to an end soon.

He’s believed to be furious with Arsenal’s transfer plans and team management. Arsenal haven’t won Premier league Title for over 14 years now and also risk missing the Champions league for a second year in a row; something they haven’t gone through in 17 years.

Barcelona, Chelsea and Manchester united are lining up a move for the German who may be available for more than 50£m.

1.Alexis Sanchez

Another Arsenal top player nearing his exit is Alexis Sanchez. Last summer, Manchester City offered 70£m which Arsenal turned down.

On his side, Sanchez is believed to be keen to work again with Pep Quardiola after a good spell together at Barcelona.

Sanchez hasn’t shown the desire to leave Arsenal but is unhappy with the transfer plans with the Londonders. Even with addition of Xhaka, Lacazette and Mustafi, Arsenal haven’t shown any signs of challenging for Premier league glory.

With Manchester City in prime position to win the league, Alexis Sanchez addition could really seal them the brilliance needed moreover after Kevin De Bruyne and Gabriel Jesus facing time on sidelines due to injuries.

Sanchez contract will come to an end on summer, so Arsenal won’t risk losing him for free. They could be tempted to sell him to Manchester City this Winter


Oscar Flex